📌 Wonderful Hemp Excursion Trip

21st – 28th September, 2024
by Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA)

🔴 Explore new trade opportunities between countries as Japan revises its laws.


🔴 For the first time!!! Participate in the international seminar and exhibit booths at The 1st Tokyo International Hemp Conference 2024.

🔴 Golden Hemp offers an opportunity to learn about cultivation and development of high-quality Japanese Golden Hemp fiber exclusively. This invaluable learning experience is priceless.

🔴 Join the Hemp Business Matching with Japanese entrepreneurs nationwide at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo.

>> Highlight Trip <<
✅ Exclusively, learn about cultivation techniques and treatment of hemp fiber at Golden Hemp farms, accessible only to TIHTA members. Golden Hemp, the golden fiber strain exclusive to Japan used in important ceremonies and trending in ESG industry fiber use.

✅ Business opportunities between Thailand and Japan in CBD for medical, wellness, cosmetics, food, and fiber export connections from Thailand.

✅ Update!!! Study new Japanese laws and explore opportunities in linking the hemp industry and exporting hemp and CBD products.

✅ Attend the inaugural The 1st Tokyo International Hemp Conference 2024 with an exhibit booth.

✅ Exclusive meeting at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo to support Thai entrepreneurs in trade and industry Thailand – Japan.

✅ Hemp Business Opportunities: Meet with Japanese entrepreneurs nationwide for business matching.

✅ Special! Participants will have the privilege of receiving blessings from the Asakusa Shrine.

✅ Full Board Exclusive Trip

✅ Thai Airways ✈️

🔴 TIHTA members receive special discounts… 🔴

✈️ Study trip focusing on promoting hemp trade and industry, fostering cooperation between Thai and Japanese hemp entrepreneurs 🇹🇭 🇯🇵

👀 See the full program at: [link]
Contact to join the trip
📞 062-645-2515
📱 Line ID: tippme22
📩 hemp.enquiries@gmail.com