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The “Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association” was established by entrepreneurs with experiences in cannabis and hemp trade in the form of fibers, extracts for medical and commercial use, supplements, food and beverage, skincare and cosmetic products, both in Thai and international markets. The aim of the association is to be a center of business cooperation, promotion, and support for its members, and to provide information to the members and those interested. It also serves to coordinate efforts among organizations, government agencies, and private companies in Thailand and outside to stimulate economic and industrial growth, ultimately leading to the career stability of hemp entrepreneurs in Thailand.


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Monday, May 20th, 2567, at 11:40 AM

The Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA), led by Honorary President Dr. Wirachai Na Nakorn and Association President Khun Pornchai Patamintra, along with the association’s board members, representatives from the National Food Institute, and N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO), paid a courtesy visit to congratulate 

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin on his appointment as the new Minister of Public Health. During the visit, they discussed the advancement of the Thai cannabis and hemp industry in the context of health and medical opportunities that are garnering international attention.

The association intends to present key issues compiled from its members and information gathered from international partner networks to provide the Ministry of Public Health with valuable data for policy advancement in collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Additionally, they introduced the Asia International Hemp Expo 2024, which will be held for the third consecutive year from November 27-30, 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

On Monday, May 13, 2024, at 8:30 AM, the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA) met with the Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works, Mr. Julpong Thavisri, who serves as the Honorary Advisor to the association. The meeting was held to summarize and present the current directions of the cannabis and hemp industry. The Director-General graciously provided guidance on the direction of the fiber hemp industry and the advancement of the Hemp Carbon Chapter initiative to ensure the sustainability of the hemp industry in Thailand. This guidance is also beneficial for the Thai industrial sector interested in Carbon Credits and creates planting opportunities for the association’s members, serving as a promising solution for the future.

“TIHTA is ready to lead Thai entrepreneurs to open up the hemp market in Japan.”

📌 Wonderful Hemp Excursion Trip

21st – 28th September, 2024
by Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA)

🔴 Explore new trade opportunities between countries as Japan revises its laws.


🔴 For the first time!!! Participate in the international seminar and exhibit booths at The 1st Tokyo International Hemp Conference 2024.

🔴 Golden Hemp offers an opportunity to learn about cultivation and development of high-quality Japanese Golden Hemp fiber exclusively. This invaluable learning experience is priceless.

🔴 Join the Hemp Business Matching with Japanese entrepreneurs nationwide at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo.

>> Highlight Trip <<
✅ Exclusively, learn about cultivation techniques and treatment of hemp fiber at Golden Hemp farms, accessible only to TIHTA members. Golden Hemp, the golden fiber strain exclusive to Japan used in important ceremonies and trending in ESG industry fiber use.

✅ Business opportunities between Thailand and Japan in CBD for medical, wellness, cosmetics, food, and fiber export connections from Thailand.

✅ Update!!! Study new Japanese laws and explore opportunities in linking the hemp industry and exporting hemp and CBD products.

✅ Attend the inaugural The 1st Tokyo International Hemp Conference 2024 with an exhibit booth.

✅ Exclusive meeting at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo to support Thai entrepreneurs in trade and industry Thailand – Japan.

✅ Hemp Business Opportunities: Meet with Japanese entrepreneurs nationwide for business matching.

✅ Special! Participants will have the privilege of receiving blessings from the Asakusa Shrine.

✅ Full Board Exclusive Trip

✅ Thai Airways ✈️

🔴 TIHTA members receive special discounts… 🔴

✈️ Study trip focusing on promoting hemp trade and industry, fostering cooperation between Thai and Japanese hemp entrepreneurs 🇹🇭 🇯🇵

👀 See the full program at: [link]
Contact to join the trip
📞 062-645-2515
📱 Line ID: tippme22
📩 hemp.enquiries@gmail.com

Meeting of the Thai Hemp Industry Trade Association Royal Project Foundation and the network for developing fibers from hemp plants in Chiang Mai Province


The Thai Hemp Industry Trade Association (TIHTA) has invited the management teams of NCC and NEO NCC, SCG and the private sector Touchable, Earthology Studio, Global Hemp Service (France) who are fiber design entrepreneurs. Both inside and abroad Participate in a study tour at the weaving group’s product center, Ban Nong Ngueak, Lamphun Province, and Ban Mae Sa Noi. Dao Mang Community Enterprise Group, hemp fabric work (Hmong ethnic group) and attended a meeting to discuss with the S.P.S. and the Royal Project Foundation

In summary, the issues from the discussion meeting are as follows:
 – Linking the supply chain upstream, midstream, and downstream by the association piloting the creation of a Role Model for upstream from the Royal Project. Connect with the private sector in development and produce products that meet standards Increase volume at the industrial level and regulate prices in order to be able to compete with foreign markets

 – Bringing different parts of hemp to expand Find a solution to produce products that are complete in every aspect. For example, the roots and various branches of hemp are used to make Creative Furniture, fibers are used to make textiles mixed with Poly Recycle fibers, hemp cores are used for SCG to develop construction products.

 – Discuss various pain points of growing hemp that the Royal Project has encountered problems with both growing and producing. which currently uses a lot of labor and takes a long time to process The Royal Project will import machinery from China to solve problems in these parts, and NCC proposes that the Royal Project join in sharing various pain points in terms of machinery problems. To be further consulted with the Machinery Association to help develop machines that will solve various pain point problems. Dr. Ya from NCC will prepare various information for NCC.

 – As for the cooperation that takes place in this connection The association will take action in making an MOU with all sectors during the first press conference of the Asia International Hemp Expo&Forum 2024 and will present this model at the event in both the Forum and Showcase sections.

 – There will be a collection of hemp that will be developed by Earthology in collaboration with the Royal Project. Going to exhibit at events abroad and bring it back to be displayed at the Asia International Hemp Expo&Forum 2024 and may be organized as a Fashion Show during the opening ceremony.

TIHTA joins the public-private-community network to drive and develop hemp fiber. To answer the needs in terms of quality, standards, and prices in order to lead to the industrial sector in a concrete and sustainable way.

Invite those who are interested to join in watching, listening and gaining knowledge.

Event: “Workshop The use of medical cannabis extracts in pediatric epilepsy patients.”

Date: March 14th – 15th, 2024

Location: Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Bangkok

You can watch it live on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/gpoth.official.

Genesis "Hemp" to the Thai industry

The community enterprise, the center of herbal development for communities, Buriram Province (Pla Ploen Enterprise) joins the industry in organizing a seminar “Seed-To-Sale: Introduction to Hemp” to the Thai industry. to create a body of knowledge for those who are interested About the medical marijuana drive and industrial hemp in full range from upstream to downstream

Knowledge Seminar

Met with the Ministry of Industry to present the model



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