TIHTA Association attended a meeting with Global Hemp Company, which is a buyer from this warehouse at Asia Hemp Expo 2023.

Group of buyers interested in bringing materials from Hemp Go join in developing products for customers in the Home Products group and hotel groups interested in Eco Products in the islands and customers in Europe. The TIHTA Association held a meeting with Thai Taffeta Company, a producer of Hemp fabric. Natural fibers under Brand Earthology and the Able Interior Workshop group of companies that jointly released pieces from hemp to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in the sector. Various hotels both domestic and international All 3 companies will join hands in making various products. To the market under the conditions of the Thai Hemp Industry Association TIHTA By focusing on supporting growers in Thailand and farmers participating in the Royal Project only.

March 25-26, March, schedule a meeting with the Royal Project in Chiang Mai to see the source of herbal water sources. Farmers under the Royal Project in order to develop the system for starting up various products. Versatile has created a huge demand that allows hemp fiber to be added in many ways in the global market.